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Set Top Box Recommendations for Converting from Analog to Digital TV with Instructions. – During the months of August through November 2022, Indonesia’s analog television systems were fully replaced with digital television systems.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry since the analog TV in question will continue to function with a Set Top Box, also known as an STB, that has already installed DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial).

The Set Top Box itself is a device for converting digital video signals into images and sounds that can be shown on TVs. Without an STB, neither images nor sounds will appear on TV.

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There are a few STB options here with prices around $300 but yet with high quality.
DVB-T2 8000HD Ichiko (Rp220.000)
Ichiko DVB T2 8000HD can convert audio and video formats for you to see using a USB connection; this device can also make siren sounds for you to hear later on in the day.

BIEN Xtreamer 3 (Rp240.000)
The set top box known as Xtreamer BIEN 3 is capable of providing access to a variety of local and foreign channels that were previously unavailable on analog TV systems. When it comes to this kind of STB, a USB port has been included for you if you want to watch uncut movies in the highest possible quality of Full HD 1080p (jika TV kamu mendukung).

B760H ZTE ZXV10 (Rp250.000)
The ZTE ZXV10 B760H is a set-top box for you if you want to convert your traditional TV into a smart TV. The STB in question now runs Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box and has a quad-core ARMv7 processor that is suitable for running Android apps at the beginner level.

EC6108V9 Huawei (Rp230.000)
Although ZTE ZXV10 B760H and Huawei EC6108V9 are both set-top boxes with similar capabilities, Huawei EC6108V9 has RAM 2GB that can provide better performance.

HG680 Fiberhome (Rp250.000)
Fiberhome HG680 is a Huawei EC6108V9 pesaing that has an Android operating system and an intuitive Android TV Launcher for high-definition content. You may browse the content on Google Play TV & Movies and get a variety of local and international TV stations via a digital signal that is jerky. The Fiberhome HG680 is now running the more advanced Marshmallow 6.0 version of Android.

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Beyond that, the Kementerian for Communication and Information has recommended STB as well (Kominfo). Many STBs that have received certification may be easily found and purchased via online marketplaces for prices ranging from Rp 210 to Rp 500. This is the table:

PDV 600 T2 STB POLYTRON tipe Rp 390.000-Rp 550.000
8000HD STB ICHIKO tipe Rp 210.000-270.000
ADS-2230 STB AKARI tipe, Rp 355.000–390.000
ADS-210 STB AKARI tipe 400.000–580.000
ADS-168 STB AKARI tipe, 400.000 to 650.000 rp.
Rp 215.000 – Rp 380.000 STB VENUS tipe Brio
TIPE T2 STB TANAKA Rp 220.000-Rp 265.000
NA1300/DVB-T2 MPEG4 HD STB by NEXMEDIA, Rp 250.000
After understanding the price shown above, you may configure your STB and learn how to use it.

This is a guide on how to convert analog TV signals to digital TV signals using an STB.
Then, confirm that the STB DVBT and analog TV are connected. Next, instruct your TV to switch to AV mode (audio-video input).
If there are any available AV modes of a certain kind, such as AV1 or AV2, then the STB connection must be adjusted to fit, among other things.
If the AV mode has already been detected automatically, you may gradually add the STB perangkat.
Tap the “Menu” button on the remote STB, then choose “Pencarian Otomatis” after selecting the “Pencarian Saluran” option.
You are able to continue searching till the digital TV search engine is finished.
Once the sinyal pencarian is finished, you may slowly choose the “Simpan” option.
Hence, TV analog may automatically broadcast TV digital signals.
It must be understood that analog TV must always be in AV mode in order to decode digital TV signals using an STB.
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These price and STB use instructions are provided for changing TV from analog to digital. In comparison to purchasing a digital TV, using an STB will be more affordable.

I hope this information on STB prices will be useful to all NET-Magazines readers.

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